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Hersonissos CreteCrete is the largest Greek island.It is considered to have been the cradle of Minoan civilization and the cradle of European culture and civilization.

It trully is the land of eternity with sandy beaches washed by turquoise waters and an incredibly picturesque landscape. The charm and magic attraction of the island is enhanced by the hospitality, warmth of the inhabitants and crystal clear water of the sea. Discover the coasts full of mythsand legends , Zeus's birthplace and the paradise that awaits tourists since early spring to late autumn.

It is the southernmost region and the fifth largest island in Europe. Crete, with an area of 8400 km ², measured from east to west and 250 km from north to south with a maximum latitude of 60 km, is the largest island of

Greece. The island separates the Aegean Sea from Jamahiriya, marking the border between Europe and Africa. In the center of the island there are majestic mountains and plateaus, stripped of deep gorges that end in fertile valleys. The northern part of the island is more populated. There are aligned larger cities, located in coves suitable for anchoring, and the south with rocks towering high above the sea, is sparsely populated. the Mediterranean climate is dry. The torrid summer here lasts longer than in other regions of Greece..

The public road network is well developed. Most places on the island are accessible by local transport, but it is recommended to rent a car so that you can freely explore the island. There are regular ferry voyages between the larger cities.

Hersonissos is located 25 km away from Heraklion. It stretches from the north-central coast of Crete to the mountain ridges in the center of the island, near the Lassithi region. It is said that Hersonissos is one city, but it actually comprises several villages, each with a distinct atmosphere. Today, Hersonissos is very well organized and it is the most popular tourist destination in Crete. Here tourists may enjoy a comfort of the highest quality, conference facilities and places of rare natural beauty.

In the north of the island, especially in Limin Hersonissou (Hersonissos port) and Analipsi, you will find a luxury tourist resort, offering a wide variety of hotels and apartments for rent. It is one of the best places for mass tourism, offering sandy beaches, dining options, nightclubs and many other leisure activities such as marine sports, golf, paragliding, scuba diving, mountain biking, etc.. Here you will find some interesting remains of Roman buildings which tourists can visit in the north of the island.

Shops are generally open in the morning and in the afternoon until late at night. Most shops are closed during the afternoon siesta. Banks and post offices are open for a shorter period of time. In the Hersonissos resort shops are also open on weekends.

Tipping is included in most bills from restaurants and hotels, but it is common to leave about 10% of the total consumptions. The hotel staff and taxi drivers usually receive tips.

Hersonissos resort really is stunning for tourists that come here for the first time. Tourists can relax on vacations because these are very quiet areas, away from crowds. There are mountain areas with lush vegetation and rare natural beauty, such as key nodes and steep hills. Do not forget to walk the picturesque alleys of the villages, trying out the Cretan cuisin in the local taverns and cafes, admire the little old buildings and the traditional Byzantine churches.

Don't forget the nearby aquapark! It' great for children.


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Crete is much more than an island, it is a micro continent. There are few places in the world where you can find such a vast array of cultural influences within such a relatively small geographical area. The area is also blessed with an amazing variety of terrain which contributes both to the wealth of fresh local agricultural products available as well as the wide range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here.

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