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Nightlife in Hersonissos is just incredible! Each summer the resort is full of young people that want to have fun. Hersonissos is perfect for them as the resort offers a wide variety of night clubs, discos and bars. The terrases are crowded until late at night and the club music makes an incredible atmosphere.

Crete has the privilege to be located between three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe.

At the Majestic Arabian Bar tourists have the feeling that they are in Arabia. Beautifully decorated in an Arabian style, with unique flavours of the East - this is the Arabian place in Hersonissos.

Here tourists can taste 35 different flavours of shisha (waterpipes), a big variety of Arabian dishes, while they will be enjoying the sensual dance of beatifull exotic girls belly-dancing.

The Amnesia Club first opened in spring 2004 and changed the Hersonisos nightlife. For these past years it’s been rightfully called “The Leader of Nightlife”, because it simply is!!! We wish you the best holidays in Crete and many unforgettable ,,amnesia nights".

The Enigma Club is situated on the most central part of the beach road in Hersonissos, in order to give its customers unforgettable moments of pure Greek entertainment. In a beautiful and modern place you can enjoy your drink along with your friends, dance on the rhythm of the latest Greek hits, as well as to the rhythms of the past decades that continue to arouse everybody’s spirits and mood up to this very moment. The staff, always polite and friendly, are ready to satisfy every need of yours, and why not entertain themselves along with you.The Enigma Club is a synonym of the Greek entertainment, since it is the first purely Greek club ever inaugurated in Hersonissos. If you like Greek music and want have fun up to the crack of dawn, then the choice is only one: the Enigma Club!

Young people begin to search for discos (arranged side by side on a pedestrian street) after 12 o'clock at night. Then another face of the resort, comes out in the open: a very quiet resort at day but very tumultuous during the night.

Groups of young people dancing in bare feet without prejudice on the street, enjoying the mix of music that is heard in discos placed wall to wall, groups like Kelly Osbourne or norvegience Englishwoman who are held indigo, though respectful salute you and kiss you on cheek, telling everyone that you're her girlfriendher or boyfriend from back home. The price of a cocktail starts at 3 euros. There is no fee to enter the clubs in this resort. Club Status is the highest-rated.

A lot of young tourists also like to participate at the Cretan Night, where they will taste the specialties of Greek cuisine and wine will be at their discretion. And that evening to be complete, they will attend a performance of Greek music and dances. They will have the opportunity to practice traditional Greek dances. Sounds like fun!

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Crete is much more than an island, it is a micro continent. There are few places in the world where you can find such a vast array of cultural influences within such a relatively small geographical area. The area is also blessed with an amazing variety of terrain which contributes both to the wealth of fresh local agricultural products available as well as the wide range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here.

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